Where The Body Is

by Erin Corday

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    NEW RELEASE by Erin Corday
    "Best Albums of the Year" - Euro Americana Chart
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First Edition CD's available now, direct from the artist.
U.S. release on Waterbug Records in September 2013.

A minimalist landscape of folk noir, indie rock and cinematic Americana.

The long-awaited release of Erin Corday's first new studio recording in over 12 years. On electric and acoustic guitars, Corday is joined by producer Michael Savage on keyboards, Joel Litwin on drums and Rich DePaolo on bass. Special guests include Grace Hearn, Craig Flory, Dave Carter (Jesse Sykes) on trumpet and Eyvind Kang (Laura Veirs, Bill Frisell) on viola.

Produced by Michael Savage
Recorded and mixed by Michael Savage at Messy Blue, Seattle
Mastered by Roger Seibel, SAE (Bon Iver, Elliott Smith)

"F***ing beautiful" - Evan Brubaker (Edie Carey, Forgiveness)
"A groundbreaking production... Where the Body Is magical and elusive" - Rein van den Berg, Johnny’s Garden
"An absolute work of genius... I'm blown away" - Monica Pasqual (Blame Sally)

"Phenomenal comeback for Corday" - Heaven Pop Magazine

Analog recording (MCI JH-24) on 2" with additional digital tracking. CD includes a full color 16-page booklet with complete lyrics, photos and artwork.


released September 17, 2013

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Where the Body Is, the new album by Erin Corday.


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Erin Corday Seattle, Washington

Named one of the "Best Albums of The Year” by the Euro Americana Chart

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Track Name: Where the Body Is
Just go with your first thought
Don't think it over
You know where the body is
You work twenty five hours
Go home and still can't let go
You know where the body is

Heavy rocks and magnets
Dotting all the i's
You know where the body is
The eyes you hide
Sunglasses, looking down
You know where the body is
So peaceful, resting

I should go home tonight
I have no alibi
I know where the body is
The forest calls to me
Under the leaves
I know where the body is
So peaceful, resting

Piano wires in your head
Rattle of birds
You know where the body is
Grab at the wings
Humming towards sleep
You know where the body is

erin - vocal, moog bass, electric guitars
michael savage - piano, keyboard
grace hearn - backup vocal
joel litwin - cajon
Track Name: The Landing
In his tailored suit
In his polished shoes
If the wind was just right
As he fell through the sky
Where did he go?

And we all look for clues
In the drawing he looks like you
With a pearl on his tie
And the gold in his eye

It’s not about the parachute
He didn’t have the perfect plan
It’s all about the leap of faith
How well you land

And I have no proof
Just a feeling that it’s true
In his tailored suit
In his polished shoes
If the wind was just right
As he fell through the sky

erin corday - vocal, electric guitar, piano
michael savage - keys, additional guitars
joel litwin - drums
rich depaolo - bass
eyvind kang - viola
Track Name: Silks
That was the first time
I ever put on my silks
You only have three rides
I was standing there
in my silks
and I felt good!

I could see all of the faces
Geoff Lewis, Frankie Durr
And I thought to myself
all of a sudden—
I’m in the same room
getting changed

So I walk in the parade ring
and all my family’s there
And they’re all saying,
Go on, go on

erin - vocal, electric guitar
joel, erin & grace - intro
craig - clarinet
Track Name: Two Weeks
Her name is Amber
or Crystal or Tiffany
He drives a forklift
on the second nightshift at the cannery
And you thought you had him pegged
as a drug-runner or a gang-banger
but the tattoo on his arm had little feet
He said “I put it there for my daughter
'cause her time on this earth—
it was two weeks”

I found myself staring
at the silver nail polish
Thinking about my horoscope
and now I know I didn’t get my wish
Maybe I should pray to the ghost
of Mother Theresa, help me
oh let it go, it’s too much
Times like these I wish I could
believe in God
so I wouldn’t judge

How long will it be
Till you forgive me?

erin - vocals, acoustic & electric guitars, wurlitzer, marxophone
michael savage & erin - emi piano
joel litwin - drums
rich depaolo - bass
Track Name: Orange Chair
I should go home tonight
She's waiting for me there
In the porch lamp light
In the orange chair

Memory fails me
I can't remember where
I started thinking about her

Oh and in my dream
She is always alive
Oh and she'll never know
As long as I don't tell her

erin corday - vocals, organ, keyboard, guitar, jacket zipper
michael savage - beat, synth, organ
Track Name: Hummingbird
Hummingbird caught in the rafters
Flying around the room
Chased her around for an hour
Hit her with the broom

She fell, spiraling down
Wings a blur of brown

And you were that bird
Small as compared
Your heart beat so fast
Your hands spiders and glass

erin - electric guitar, vocals, wurlitzer, pump organ
michael savage - acoustic & electric guitars
joel litwin - drums
rich depaolo - bass
dave carter - trumpet
Track Name: Bee Song
Each in its wax room
Will become soon
A buzzing bee

And on the tenth night
My very first flight
A reconnaissance

Zzz, zzz, zzz, zzz

I am a worker bee
You want to save me
Ha, ha, ha!

My strange dance
Will show you the way
And the distance
To the honey

Ha, Ha, Ha, Happy

erin - vocals, electric guitar, nylon-string guitar, e-bow guitar
Track Name: The Beloved One
I wish I could be there
Then, when you were there
To see you seeing that Rodin
Myself, I wouldn't look
I'd turn away, my back to that sun
watching how light falls
on the beloved one

You’ll say, we'll go back there
and camp out in front of
the unfinished Gates of Hell
where the most beautiful
thing you ever saw was also
the most terrifying--
The Beloved One

Someday I'll stand in line
and brave the crowds
and see with you

I want to believe in God
It's not that I’m afraid of death
I just want to keep watching this with you
And the most terrifying thing I ever felt was
letting you change me into
the beloved one

erin - vocals, electric guitar, celeste
michael savage - wurlitzer, electric guitar
joel litwin - drums
rich depaolo - bass
Track Name: Lullaby for a Not Yet Dead Boy
Head back and your eyes closed
In the back seat, in your dirty clothes
If you're breathing, only God knows
What friends brought you here?

Death would not stop for you
He says you're half-hearted about that too
As if Life said, “I'm not through with you,
I'm taking you back”

Don't look down
Just hold on
We will be there soon
I am strong enough to carry you

You're still angry and you're still alone
The world's still fucked up
and your father's still gone
And you were right, and you were wrong
Don't you get it?

erin - vocals, electric guitar, xylophone
michael savage - piano, piano strings
Track Name: Fuera
De que se trata—
El hombre (un hombre? yo no se)
Cuantos años tiene?
Setenta y siete

Acaba de escribir un libro
Acaba de tener un hijo
Si yo fuera soltera
y talvez mas vieja

De que se trata—
El libro (un libro? yo no se)
sobre la salud y la muerte

(Lyrics adapted from an office i-chat, two coworkers texting in Spanish about a very dashing septuagenarian.)

Who is that?!
Some man... (el? un?)
How old is he?
Seventy seven (!)

He just finished writing a book
and recently became a father (!)
If I were single
and perhaps a little older...

What’s the book about?
Some book, I don’t know… something
about healthy living and death

erin - vocals, nylon-string guitar
michael - casio keyboard
Track Name: Undertow
There’s a strong
I’ve gone down
my own pride

Oh my—where did I lose sight
I try not to hold too tight
Try so hard not to drift from you

Where did I lose sight of ground?
Don’t forget I am one of your kin

Come on, we’ve got that long oar
We’ve been down like this before
Don’t forget what you came here for

You are tired, just like me
There’s refuge across the sea

erin - vocals, electric guitar, piano, nylon-string guitar
joel litwin - drums
rich depaolo - bass
eyvind kang - viola

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